Common Grounds: Suggested Reading


The below books are suggested reading relating to unity, Stone-Campbell Movement / Restoration Movement, church history, communication, and/or leadership. If you have recommendations for us to read and post, please email Common Grounds at . 

  • F. LaGard Smith

    Who is My Brother?

    F. LaGard Smith challenges Christians to think more critically about identity, salvation, and fellowship.

  • Harrington and Henderson

    Conviction and Civility: Thinking and Communicating Clearly About What the Bible Teaches

    Conviction and Civility teaches you how to hold Christian convictions and still treat those opposed to your convictions with respect. You will learn to evaluate your own convictions, engage others about them, and do both of these with civility.

  • Ben Brewster

    Torn Asunder: The Civil War and the 1906 Division of the Disciples

    Torn Asunder examines the forces, issues, and personalities behind the officially-recognized 1906 division of the disciples.

  • Rick Achley & Bob Russell

    Together Again: Restoring Unity in Christ after a Century of Separation

    A celebration and examination of the common beliefs and shared heritage of two groups of American churches, both part of the Restoration Movement, by two of their leading ministers.

  • Victor Knowles

    Together in Christ - More Than a Dream

    Surveys Scriptures on unity, songs and prayers about unity, biblical symbols of unity, famous slogans of unity, and key documents on unity from the Stone-Campbell movement. A rich blend of Scripture and stories, songs and prayers, wisdom and humor, insight and challenge - all pointing to God's desire for his children to be "together in Christ."

  • Leroy Garrett

    The Stone-campbell movement

    Stone-Campbell Movement: An Anecdotal History of Three Churches by Leroy Garrett. This is a must read for anyone who desires greater unity and who desires to have a thorough understanding of Restoration Movement History. 

  • James B. North

    Union in Truth: An Interpretive History of the Restoration Movement

    This history of the Restoration Movement looks at why it exists, where it has succeeded, and why it has sometimes failed to accomplish the goal of Christian union and the goal of biblical authority.

  • James Deforest murch

    Christians Only: A History of the Restoration Movement

    392 paperback Christian book on the History of the Restoration Movement.

  • Patterson, Greeny, Mcmillan, switzler

    Crucial Conversations

    Other than the Bible, this book may be the best book on effectively navigating crucial conversations (CC). A CC is one with high stakes, opposing opinions, and strong emotion. 25 years research. Author speak to business, organizations, family life. This is not a religious book but the authors themselves are faith-based. Over 3 million copies sold. 

  • Earl Irvin West

    The Search for the Ancient Order

    This is an exhaustive four volume history of the Restoration Movement up to 1950. 

  • Tony Twist ph.d. d. min., Bobby Harrington D. MIN., David Young ph.d. 

    Baptism: What the bible teaches

    This book is well written and good for the average Christian and/or seeker. This is a clear and comprehensive study of an extremely important subject.